Specialty Tanks






Class A Certification

10.8   Corrrective Action


If the assessment indicates that a release has occurred then corrective action must be taken. The UST owner and/or operator, or their designated representative (e.g. environmental contractor) is responsible to immediately report the release to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) using the 24-hour hotline number 800-943-0003, and take the following actions:

         Prevent any further release of the regulated substance into the environment.

         Identify and mitigate any fire, explosion or vapor hazards. It is recommended that you follow nationally recognized standards or recommended practices for assessing and remediating releases of product to the environment. These include:

         API RP 1628 - “A Guide to the Assessment and Remediation of Underground Petroleum Releases”

         API RP 1629 - “A Guide for Assessing and Remediating Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soils.”