Specialty Tanks






Class A Certification

If the tank is taken out of service for three (3) months or more, or is not secured from access by the general public, then all piping, pumps, manways, sumps, and other ancillary equipment must be secured to prevent unwanted tampering.   Any vent lines that are attached to the tank must be left open and functioning, and all inspections and regular maintenance must continue as if the tank were still in service.


Failure to maintain the above requirements will result in the tank having to be permanently closed (see 10.3) within 60 calendar days.


When the owner or operator wants to bring the tank back into service you need to have a precision tightness test performed on the tank before placing it back into service. This test can only be performed by a person who has received certification from Commerce as a “Tank System Tightness Tester.” The requirements for certification can be found on the Commerce website.