Secondary Containment Sumps


This component is designed to provide a means for containing any leaks from primary piping of double-wall piping systems, and protecting equipment from coming into contact with sub-surface soils that can cause corrosion.


They are attached to the top of the UST - either directly to the outside surface of the tank, or to a riser at one of the tank bungs.  


Containment sumps come in varying shapes and sizes.  


They have an opening at the top to allow access into the sump for the installation, maintenance and repair of equipment.   Openings are typically 36" or 42" in diameter.


Sumps are generally constructed of plastic (high-density polyethylene is common) or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP).   Sumps must be UL® rated, compatible with the product stored in the tank, and have a COMM 10 Material Approval for use at UST facilities in the State of Wisconsin.