Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Consoles

This component comes in many shapes and sizes - each designed to provide a means of electronic monitoring of the tanks and piping system for leak detection and inventory management.


Typically, most ATG consoles are equipped with a front panel LED readout or display, alarm lights and horn, key-pad or touch screen and printer.   Most ATG consoles also provide the following basic capabilities and functions.

1.            Printout reports

2.            Generate alarm and warning messages

3.            Perform inventory control and reconciliation

4.            Monitor for leaks from tanks and piping

5.            Perform on-demand leak detection testing of tanks and piping


When installed and operated according to the manufacturer's instructions an ATG can provide an early means for detecting a leak from the UST system, reducing the amount of potential contamination from an undetected leak, which can minimize the impact to the environment.   Typically, an ATG can provide leak detection on a periodic or on-demand basis.   Some ATG systems also have a continuous monitoring capability.


ATG consoles must be UL® rated (listed and labeled) for use in classified areas, third-party certified by an independent testing organization (e.g. Ken Wilcox Associates, Inc.), approved by the National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations (NWGLDE), and have a COMM 10 Material Approval for use with USTs installed in the State of Wisconsin.   Consult with the manufacturer of the ATG installed at your UST facility to determine all of its various capabilities and features, as well as to verify that it has been properly setup, and to learn about required maintenance, operation and repair.