Specialty Tanks





Glossary   Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

Completed and signed copies of monthly SIR results from the Department of Commerce-approved SIR vendor.   The previous twelve (12) consecutive months of reports must be maintained at the UST facility.


Additional documentation must be maintained for any monthly “inconclusive” or “fail” test results that describe what action was taken to resolve the inconclusive or fail test results.


If using SIR the following information must be included in the documentation is required for compliance:

         SIR Wisconsin Material Approval number

         The maximum size tank the SIR method is approved

         The startup date for the use of SIR

         Capacity of the tank using SIR

         Type of tank using SIR

         The pass / fail test results  


Refer to EPA Introduction To Statistical Inventory Reconciliation for a copy of the US EPA guidelines for SIR.