Specialty Tanks






The Emergency Shutoff System

1.           UST facilities must be equipped with an emergency shutoff device.   It must be located on the external wall of a structure facing the dispensing area.

2.           It must be no less than 20 feet and no more than 100 feet from the fuel dispensing area.

3.           The device, when activated, must disconnect power to all dispensing equipment.   It does not have to disconnect power to lighting.

4.           When more than one device is used they must all be interconnected.

5.           Resetting an emergency shutoff device must require manual intervention in a manner that has been approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

6.           The device must be readily accessible to facility attendants and/or customers.

7.           At least one device must be readily accessible to each group of dispensing devices on an individual island.   A device that meets the requirements of item 1 above satisfies this requirement.