Specialty Tanks






You are required to report any failing or inconclusive results to the Department within 24-hours of receipt of your SIR results. Furthermore, you must take whatever action is indicated in the SIR report to resolve the problem.


There are several possible reasons why you might receive failing or inconclusive results from your SIR vendor. It is very important that you follow the instructions provided by your SIR vendor to help identify and resolve the problem related to the inconclusive or failing results, because the results may have nothing to do with a suspected or obvious release.


Examples of problems that may cause an inconclusive or fail result can include, but are not necessarily limited to:

1.           Damaged gauge stick

2.           Incorrectly recorded level readings

3.           Incorrect conversion of level readings to volume values;

4.           Product theft

5.           Missed transfer of product into the tank

6.           Incorrect recording of the volume of the transfer;

7.           Inconsistent tank sticking practices

8.           Using an incorrect tank strapping chart

9.           If the UST system has meters for measuring and totalizing the transfer of product from the tank the meters may be out of calibration.