Specialty Tanks






What is an Emergency?

An emergency is defined as a sudden state of danger or conflict that requires immediate action — a condition of urgent need for action or assistance.


The ability to rapidly respond to, and mitigate an emergency is crucial to minimizing any impacts to the safety of people or damage to the environment.


Emergencies that you may need to understand and prepare response procedures in regard to the day-to-day operation of your UST include, but are not limited to:

         Delivery overfills

         Possible underground leaks from tanks or piping

         Possible leaks from other components of the UST system

         Accidents involving damage to dispensing equipment

         Fires resulting from product spilled or leaked into tank sumps


As the Class B Operator it is crucial for effective and safe management of the UST system that you clearly understand the above factors and types of emergencies that can impact the operation of your UST system(s). This is necessary so that you can train and equip Class C operators to properly and rapidly respond to possible emergencies that may occur as a result of any one or more of those factors.