How to use the Training Course


The Training Course is like a book. It has 14 chapters. Each chapter addresses a different topic such as Chapter 3 Spill & Overfill Prevention, and Chapter 6 Periodic Inspections.


Like a book, you can start with Chapter 1 and continue page after page to the last chapter. However each chapter is a separate subject therefore you can begin with any chapter and move through the training course as you want. For example you can start with Chapter 10. You can then go to Chapter 2. You are in complete control of what chapters and sections of the course that you use and when you use them. It is your choice.


Also, like a book, you can launch and use the training course a couple times a day, or a few times each week or month.


If you find that you have strong knowledge of a particular chapter or section, you might quickly go through it and not return to it. On the other hand, you may find that it is best for you to go through a particular chapter two or even three or more times to really understand and nail down the information. Again, it is your choice. You are in control.


Every chapter has one or more Knowledge Check sections. These are merely several True and False questions, multiple choice questions, and other question types for you to use to check and strengthen your knowledge. When you answer a question a popup window will tell you if you answered correctly or incorrectly. Your answers to these questions are not scored nor reported. They are only for you to see.


Some of the Knowledge Check questions will be part of the Certification Exams so take them seriously. They are a great way for you to prepare for the Certification Exam.


For details about the three Certification Exams, close this window and on the Home Page click item 4 in the list.