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3. Printing the Certificate of Completion


When you pass the exam a screen will display showing the Certificate of Completion with your name and date of certification. You must print the certificate. It is your proof that you passed the exam. Before beginning the exam, verify that the workstation you are using for the exam is able to print to a printer.

1. Printing: Color and Landscape Orientation

It is recommended that the certificate be printed in color and in landscape orientation. The certificate can print in black and white and in portrait orientation, but you are encouraged to use your printer's options to print both in color and in landscape orientation.


2. Printing: Multiple Copies Required

You will also have to make two or more copies of the certificate. It is your choice whether to print multiple certificates after the exam or to print one certificate and then use a photocopier to create additional copies.


If you intend to begin the exam now, please make any necessary preparations to print the certificate as described above, including verifying the printer is operational, has adequate ink, and has enough paper.


3. Managing Your Certificate

There are requirements about how and what to do with your certificate. To view and understand those requirements you must click the Certificate image to the right before proceeding.