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April 2007
COMM 47 (PECFA) Informational Sessions Held

Changes made to Comm 47 had been in effect for approximately eight months when Commerce staff determined that more training was necessary in order to effectively apply the rule changes. Consequently, another round of informational sessions was held this winter regarding the changes that became effective May 1, 2006. Approximately 175 attendees representing 85 consulting firms, site owners, lending institutions, Department of Natural Resources and Commerce staff participated in the sessions which were held in February and March in Wausau, Eau Claire, Neenah, Brookfield and Madison.

The main topics of discussion were contract notifications, site status reporting requirements and the proper completion of the usual and customary standardized invoice. There were many questions and concerns regarding these changes from the consulting community. These sessions gave those in attendance the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on what Commerce's intentions were regarding these document submissions.

It also gave Commerce staff an opportunity to communicate policy changes that were necessary as a result of the code changes. The sessions also produced feedback for Commerce regarding the rule changes, which helped to identify areas that needed more clarification and generated some suggestions for future updates.

Schedule #2 of the Usual & Customary Cost Schedule became effective January 1, 2007. Additional information regarding the U & C schedule can be found by clicking here.

-- Berni Mattsson

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