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February 2007
Nominations Sought for 2007 Governor's Export Achievement Awards

Each year, the Governor recognizes Wisconsin firms and organizations that have achieved extraordinary results in international markets or have contributed to Wisconsin's ability to compete globally. Nominations can be submitted between now and April 13. The 2007 awards will be presented on May 15, 2007 at the 43rd annual Wisconsin International Trade Conference in Milwaukee.

Any agricultural, forestry, industrial, high-technology or service enterprise successfully engaging in or assisting in the export of Wisconsin-origin products or services can be nominated. Nominations will be evaluated for innovation, effectiveness, and special effort in growing exports, and enhancing employment, the economy, and the international prestige of Wisconsin. Nominations can be made by an employee of the firm or organization or by a knowledgeable person from outside the organization.

Awards Categories

  1. Agricultural Exporter - food, farm, or forestry products
  2. Manufacturing Exporter - non-agricultural manufactured products
  3. Service Exporter - services provided to customers in other countries
  4. High Tech Exporter - scientific, medical, or other cutting edge products
  5. Export Assistance Provider - for firms or organizations that do not have direct international sales, but provide assistance to Wisconsin exporters.

Nominees/Applicants will be evaluated in relation to other firms in their same size category: small (1-49 employees), medium (50-299 employees), large (300 or more employees).

Export Plus categories may be created for nominees that have won in the past or have engaged in substantially superior efforts.

Persons, firms or agencies must be a Wisconsin operation; and must not be involved in litigation with state or federal agencies or of a character which might bring discredit to the state, the award, or to the recipient.

Nominations/Applications must include the following five sections:

  1. Cover Page with:
    • Name of the nominated company or organization
    • Street address
    • City, state, zip
    • Name of the firm's President or Chief Executive Officer
    • Name of the firm's international sales executive, if different
    • Telephone and FAX number and e-mail address of the international sales executive
    • Award category—a) Agricultural, b) Manufacturing, c) High-Tech, or d) Service Exporter or e) Export Assistance Provider
    • Nominee size—small (1-49 employees), medium (50-299 employees), large (300 or more employees)
    • Also include: Name and title of the person making the nomination
    • Relationship to nominated company or organization
    • Telephone and FAX numbers and e-mail address of the person making the nomination
  2. Nominee Profile - describing the company, its products or services, and the customers to which it sells
  3. International Activities - describing the actions taken or strategies pursued by the nominee to increase international business over the last three years
  4. Examples of International Success - achieved over the last three years, such as increased number of export destinations, increased market share in existing international markets, or increased employment in Wisconsin to meet international demand
  5. Additional Contributions - made by the nominee that have led to the recognition of the importance of international business to other companies or individuals in the state

The Nomination/Application submission should be no more than four pages; however, appendices containing samples of promotional literature, press reports, or other supporting material can be included. Nominations/Applications must be received by 4:30 pm on April 13, 2007. They can be sent by courier, mail, fax, or e-mail to:

Wisconsin Department of Commerce, International Division
attn: Tru Mwololo
201 West Washington Avenue, 6th floor
Madison, WI 53703

TEL: (608) 267-0587
FAX: (608) 266-5551

View past Export Achievement Award winners by year or by category.

-- Stanley Pfrang

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