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February 2007
Dave Storey Reflects on His Years in Government Service
Dave Storey
Dave Storey

Throughout my professional career, I've been happy for people who tell me they're leaving their current position for a new opportunity. Now that I'm the person who is leaving, however, I have a mix of emotions. I'm excited to pursue my new opportunity in the private sector, but I am sad to be leaving the Department of Commerce after five wonderful years.

I was asked to cite some achievements, and I'm proud that I helped push through the financial modernization bill, which had languished for almost 20 years. I also co-chaired the Task Force on Small Business Regulatory Reform, which resulted in a greater voice for small businesses in the development of rules that affect their operations. Gov. Jim Doyle signed both these measures into law during the 2003-05 legislative session.

However, when I returned to the workforce some years ago after a brief retirement, I promised myself that helping my co-workers would be my primary focus---helping them maximize their potential and achieve great things. I decided not to go for grand slam home runs, but for bunt singles that would improve the quality of life and the quality of the workplace for Commerce employees. The opportunity to share the challenges, opportunities, and joys of my co-workers here at Commerce has meant the world to me.

To those outside of Commerce who may be reading this, let me assure you that Commerce has many star performers. You’re in good hands because the agency has high-quality people dedicated to meeting your needs promptly and professionally. You can have every confidence in their abilities.

So it is indeed hard to walk away from the Department of Commerce. I wish all of you the best of luck and much success in your professional lives.

-- Dave Storey, Deputy Secretary

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