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April 2007
Wisconsin Building Safety Network Managers Conference June 14 - 15 in Madison

The Department of Commerce will welcome community leaders to the Wisconsin Building Safety Network Management Conference being held Thursday June 14th and Friday June 15th, 2007. The conference, for municipalities that are designated as agent municipalities, will be held at the Inn on the Park overlooking the state capitol building in downtown Madison. This is the first of what is anticipated to be a regularly scheduled conference designed around informing and educating those community leaders at the executive level so that they can effectively manage safety, recovery and growth in their community.

The conference will focus on presentations and discussion addressing a number of topics specifically related to supporting and maintaining the highest level of service for the residents, visitors and those conducting business in Wisconsin’s communities. Coupled with that, attendees will gain a better understanding of how to effectively manage resources to achieve those goals. The conference will include an in depth presentation on ISO ratings and how they affect your municipality's economic edge based on property insurance.

The Alliance for Streamlining Government will present information regarding effective regulation and interoperability of resources and software. Potential benefits of streamlining include disaster preparedness, efficient allocation of resources and sustainable growth strategies.

The insurance industry will be represented to address the short and long-term effects of maintaining a municipal based building regulatory program. The International Code Council will provide you with a better understanding of the model codes, their continued update and adoption process as well as what model codes mean to the economic and sustainable growth of your municipality.

Finally, the conference will focus on the Wisconsin model. Attendees will become more aware of the resources and tools available to them and their municipality from the State of Wisconsin Safety and Buildings Division. Attendees will also leave with a full understanding of the benefits they can take back with them to continue promoting a safe and sustainable future for their community.

Registration information will be sent out soon to agent municipalities. For additional information, please contact Henry Kosarzycki at 262-548-8615 or hkosarzycki@commerce.state.wi.us.

-- Henry Kosarzycki

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