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October 2006
Wisconsin Exports Up in 2006

Wisconsin exports for the first half of 2006 continued to show strong gains after record-breaking totals in 2005. The half-year total of $8.5 billion represents an increase of 18.4 percent over the same period in 2005. For the period, total U.S. exports grew by 13.8 percent.

Through the second quarter, exports to Canada, Wisconsin's largest export market, grew by 6.9 percent to $2.8 billion. Canada accounts for just under a third of all Wisconsin exports. As recently as the first quarter of 2004 our northern neighbor accounted for 40 percent of Wisconsin's exports. Exports to Mexico, Wisconsin's second largest export market, grew by 30.8 percent to $851.1 million. China ranked third with a 26.3-percent increase to $401.9 million. Office machine parts are the leading Wisconsin export to China. Engine parts, the #2 category, grew by over 100 percent. The United Kingdom ranked fourth in purchases from Wisconsin with a 14.0 percent increase to $384.2 million. Exports of computers and components and tractors were especially strong in the first half of the year. Japan was fifth with an 11.6 percent increase to $356.2 million. Exports to Saudi Arabia and a number of other Middle Eastern countries grew significantly, thanks primarily to a surge in motor vehicle shipments.

Through the second quarter, industrial machinery continued as Wisconsin's top export commodity, growing by 9.7 percent to $2.8 billion. The leading subcategory was spark ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion piston engines, which account for over 7 percent of Wisconsin's total exports. Electrical machinery ranked second with a 35.1 percent increase to $1.1 billion. Medical and scientific instruments ranked third with an increase of 10.7 percent to $1.0 billion. Transportation equipment ranked fourth with a 69.6 percent increase to $862.3 million. Exports of passenger vehicles surged by over 1000 percent to become the state's #2 export subcategory. Paper and paperboard was the state's fifth largest export with a 4.7-percent increase to $399.4 million.

--Stanley Pfrang

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