Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
October 2006
Reporting Application "Time Out" Reminder

Consultants using the PECFA online site reporting application should be aware that the application has a "time out" feature. The "timer" begins when the consultant enters the application and ends after three hours, regardless of activity. If the reporting application "times out," an error message will be received when the report is submitted and all data will be lost.

Consultants can avoid losing data by using the "save and exit" button periodically when they anticipate leaving the reporting application open for an extended period of time. The "save and exit" button will not submit the report, but will save all data entered and allow for the completion of the application at a later date or time. Re-entering the application will reset the timer.

Questions regarding error messages should be directed to Beth Erdman at (920) 303-5410, Greg Michael at (414) 220-5375 or Jon Heberer at (608) 261-5405.

-- Berni Mattsson

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