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October 2006
PECFA Deploys Online Reporting Application

As part of the newly-implemented Comm 47, PECFA requires that environmental consultants provide technical updates as stated in bid specifications, deferment letters and Comm 47, for petroleum-contaminated sites to retain PECFA reimbursement eligibility. The technical reports include: site progress reports, monitoring for progress reports, end of bid reports, investigation reports, deferment notifications and Comm 46.10 annual reports.

To facilitate this reporting requirement, PECFA deployed an online contract notification and reporting application on July 6, 2006. The online application, likely the only one of its kind in the nation, is used by environmental consultants to provide PECFA Site Review Section hydro geologists with contract update notifications and technical information required as part of the investigation and remediation of petroleum contaminated sites. The technical information that can be provided via the online application includes: soil and groundwater analytical results, copies of site maps, cost estimates to achieve closed remedial action status and risk/environmental factor checklists. The application can be accessed via the PECFA homepage, commerce.wi.gov/ER/ER-PECFA-Home.html, or at commerce.wi.gov/ER/ER-PECFA-SiteReporting.html.

The web reporting/contract notification requirements should not be confused with the separately required Lender or Owner financial reporting. This requirement is completed by lending institutions and responsible parties yearly in June and December or with the occurrence classification requirement. The occurrence classification requirement was/is a one time requirement associated with the transition into the new Comm 47 code and was/is used for setting up a schedule of prioritized public bidding based on relative risk to health and the environment.

Because of the delayed deployment of the web reporting application, several of the due dates specified in Comm 47 for required web reports/contract notifications had either expired or were too close to the application deployment date to provide consultants enough time to complete the required reports. In an effort to provide consultants with more time to meet reporting deadlines, PECFA issued PECFA Update 23 which postponed the earliest reporting due dates.

A summary of postponed reporting requirements follows. Sites which have a bid cap established by the public bid process prior to May 1, 2006 (Bid Round 42 and earlier) are required by Comm 47.71(5)(a) to submit the initial progress report by September 1, 2006. Sites in the investigation stage, where investigations were started prior to May 1, 2006, are required by Comm 47.71(2) to complete contract notifications and initial investigation progress reports by September 1, 2006. Please note: sites in the investigation stage with investigations started prior to May 1, 2006 which received bid deferment letters should disregard the September 1, 2006 deadline and must instead complete reporting per the schedule specified in the bid deferment letters they received (report annually during the month of December).

-- Berni Mattsson

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