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June 2006
New Resources for Manufacturers

Both Wisconsin's small manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers can benefit from the new Manufacturing Supplier Development Initiative announced by Gov. Jim Doyle on May 3 at the Harley-Davidson Motor Company manufacturing facility in Milwaukee.

Large Wisconsin manufacturers spend billions of dollars each year on components manufactured by suppliers from all over the state. These manufacturers want improved processes and lower prices, and our Wisconsin suppliers need help to meet these needs and compete in the global marketplace. The Manufacturing Supplier Development Initiative will help suppliers become lean, improving their profitability, and expanding the level of purchasing from Wisconsin suppliers – keeping money, business, and jobs in the state.

Helping suppliers become lean will improve their profitability, and help larger manufacturers keep more of their spending in Wisconsin. It will also help the large manufacturers by strengthening their supply chains and improving the overall performance. Large companies, small companies, workers, and the Wisconsin economy will all see the benefit. Typical projects might include implement lean manufacturing techniques to cut order-to-delivery times by 50 percent or accelerate inventory turns per year from 3 to 12.

At Commerce, we're proud to be working with the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) to launch this initiative to keep Wisconsin suppliers lean and competitive. The WMEP has been nationally recognized for achieving domestic supply chain improvement. This initiative is built on a successful pilot with Harley-Davidson, John Deere, and Oshkosh Truck, which resulted in an average reduction in order-to-delivery times of 53 percent for 16 participating Wisconsin manufacturers. "

The Manufacturing Supplier Development Initiative will focus on assisting the Wisconsin suppliers to OEMs. The initiative is a partnership of the Department of Commerce, small suppliers, OEMs, the WMEP and the Northwest Manufacturing Outreach Center (NWMOC). Technical assistance will be provided through the WMEP and the NWMOC. This initiative is expected to assist at least five OEMs and 100 small and medium-sized manufacturers across Wisconsin.

The Manufacturing Suppler Development Initiative will be funded through a $700,000 package supporting the growth of manufacturing in our state. Here's a link to WMEP's efforts to support supplier development: http://www.wmep-supplierresults.org. For more information, you can contact Roxanne Baumann, WMEP, at 262/442-8279.

-- Mary P. Burke, Secretary

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