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June 2006
Small Business Grant Programs Transferred to the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs' Network

Getting assistance for your small business has never been easier! The Wisconsin Department of Commerce has transferred the Early Planning Grant (EPG) and Technology Assistance Grant (TAG) programs to the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs' Network (WEN). WEN will continue to administer the Entrepreneurial Training Grant (ETG) business plan development program.

"These programs are designed to help individual entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout Wisconsin," explains Erica Kauten, WEN managing director and state director for the Small Business Development Center. "With this transfer to WEN, entrepreneurs can now access resources that will help them grow their businesses through a single organization, making the process simpler and yet more efficient."

WEN is a network of organizations throughout Wisconsin, including the University of Wisconsin-Extension, the Wisconsin Technical College System, WiSys Technology Foundation, and other state and local non-profit and educational organizations. WEN offers a variety of services such as business planning, access to capital, technology transfer assistance and helps high-growth businesses move to the next level. Simply put, WEN helps entrepreneurs navigate through the maze of assistance programs available to them via the services of more than 70 organizations that are a part of WEN.

These grant programs help entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses by developing a stronger base of business skills, constructing a plan for creation or growth, and/or obtaining professional services necessary to apply for federal funding. Whether you are a hi-tech business seeking early stage funding or looking for professional services to evaluate the feasibility of your start-up or for expert guidance to aid in business plan development, you can now access these resources and more at wenportal.org.

In an effort to make the process seamless, some modifications are being made to the grant application process. Applicants will now easily be able to identify the most relevant grant program(s) for their organization. In addition, a database of private sector providers is also being implemented along with a qualification process that will help applicants find the private service provider that best matches their needs.

Additional information on these entrepreneurial development programs can be found on http://www.wenportal.org/financing_grants/ or by calling 1-800-940-7232.

-- Tony Hozeny & Wisconsin Entrepreneurs' Network

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