Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
June 2006
When Commodity Bidding is NOT Required

Comm 47.33(6) identifies when commodity bidding is NOT required by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce (Commerce). Careful examination of this section reveals that commodity bidding is not required when:

  1. the reimbursement cap is set using the Usual and Customary Cost Schedule (UCCS), where the cap on commodities is built into the UCCS;
  2. the reimbursement cap is set using the public bidding process;
  3. the cost of a particular commodity service and the multiple use of a particular commodity service will not exceed $1,000; and
  4. when written permission is given by Commerce, prior to incurring costs for the service, when it is determined that the bidding of the service will not further the goals of the program.

If you have questions with regard to commodity bidding, please call the Commerce Project Manager for the site.

-- Barbro McGinn

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