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June 2006
Upcoming Comm 47 Reporting and Contract Notification Deadlines

Deadlines for some of the Comm 47 reporting requirements are fast approaching. Per Comm 47.71(5)(A), occurrences with reimbursement caps determined through the public bidding process prior to May 1, 2006 (round 42 and earlier) must submit the initial progress report (web report) by August 1, 2006. In order to access and complete the web report, consultants will also need to update contract status via the Commerce Reporting website. Because Commerce's contract notification web application was not in use during May, sites which first contracted with a consultant in early May will not be penalized for late contract notifications. Consultants for these sites need to provide contract notifications as soon as possible once the application is available.

Per Comm 47.60(1), sites that start an investigation after May 1, 2006 are required to provide contract notifications to the Wisconsin Department of Commerce (Commerce) within 14 days of executing a contract. Comm 47.62 requires that these sites submit their first progress report (web report) by the anniversary date of the contract between the consulting firm and the RP, at the end of the calendar month that follows the month of completion of each investigation phase (Comm 47.62(1) (a) (2)), or at the end of the calendar month that follows the month of completion of the site investigation (Notice of Completion of Investigation Comm 47.62(4)).

For occurrences with site investigations in progress prior to May 1, 2006, Comm 47.71(2) requires that contract notifications and initial progress reports be submitted no later than 60 days after May 1, 2006 (June 30, 2006). Please note: All of the sites which fit this definition, and submit occurrence classification by May 30, 2006, will be given bid deferred status and will need to follow the reporting schedule indicated in deferment letters. Only those sites with an investigation in progress on May 1, 2006 that fail to submit occurrence classification or fail to receive a deferment letter will need to comply with the June 30, 2006 deadline indicated above.

Once the application becomes available all reports and notifications described above will need to be completed at the following web site which can be accessed via the PECFA home page.

-- Berni Mattsson

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