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June 2006
$40,000 Comm 47 Investigation Cap Dropped to $20,000
If an investigation began prior to the Comm 47 rule change, costs may have been incurred that exceed the new $20,000 site investigation cap implemented as of May 1, 2006. If so, it is imperative that an exceedance request be submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Commerce (Commerce) immediately, for any costs exceeding the new $20,000.00 cap.

In addition, approval to incur additional costs above the cap to complete the investigation must be submitted. Comm 47.337(2) requires Commerce approval prior to exceeding the cap, meaning any costs incurred above $20,000 after April 30, 2006 will not be eligible for reimbursement unless previously approved. In addition, all investigation costs incurred as of May 1, 2006 are only reimbursable at rates allowed on the Usual and Customary Cost Schedule (UCCS) (Comm 47.325).

-- Berni Mattsson

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