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August 2006
Legislation Updates Concerning Safety and Buildings

Continuing Education and Certification Requirements of Building Contractors (Act 200)
Act 200 contains several provisions regarding continuing education and certification requirements for individuals who construct one and two family dwellings. The requirements include regularly completing a certain amount of continuing education, and a dwelling contractor must show evidence of continuing education completion in order to obtain permits for construction.

Prior to this act, individuals who constructed one and two family dwellings had to obtain a Dwelling Contractors Financial Responsibility certification from the Department of Commerce (Commerce), which indicates that an individual is properly financially bonded and insured. This act retains these requirements and adds competency-assed requirements.

Information Designated on Standard Building Forms re: Use of Insulating Concrete Forms (Act 251)
This act requires that Commerce provide a designation on these forms to indicate whether insulating concrete forms are being used in the construction of the building for which the permit is issued.

Assessment of Forfeitures by Commerce for Certain License Violations (Act 182)
This act gives Commerce the authority to assess forfeitures for certain plumbing license violations and would require the department to promulgate rules regarding the assessment of plumbing license forfeitures.

Contractor Notices (Act 201)
This act delineates certain requirements that must be met before a lawsuit can be filed against a dwelling contractor. A contractor must be given a 90-day written notice of claim and afforded the opportunity to remedy the defect.

The Management and Disposal of Septage and Municipal Sewage Sludge (Act 347)
This act was the result of a Special Legislative Council Special committee on Septage Disposal. It makes several changes to the private onsite wastewater treatment systems (POWTS) statutes. Specifically, it requires all counties to develop a maintenance program for new private sewage systems. Commerce must develop rules detailing how this maintenance program is to be administered and has until January 1, 2008 to make the changes outlined in this bill.

Regulation of Elevators, Escalators and Similar Conveyances (Act 456)
This act creates several provisions regarding the regulation of elevators and clarifies and organizes several current provisions regarding elevators. The act takes effect on June 1, 2007.

Creating a Building Inspector Review Board (Act 457)
This act creates the Building Inspector Review Board. The Board would be charged with reviewing complaints from individuals who have been issued permits to construct commercial or one and two family residential buildings regarding the conduct of building inspectors. The Board may revoke the certification of a building inspector and may also modify or reverse decisions made in error by a building inspector. The act also provides for anonymous complaints.

-- Henry Kosarzycki

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