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April 2006
Wood Packaging Regulations for Mexico

Effective February 1, Mexico began enforcing new sanitary regulations for wood packaging materials (NOM 144-SEMARNAT-2004). All wood packaging materials must now be treated by Clipart of crates being loaded.recognized phytosanitary methods and be marked with the approved treatment identity mark. Information on the approved methods can be found on-line at the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) website. Having the approved identification marks on packaging does not exempt it from inspection by PROFEPA, Mexico's equivalent of the Environmental Protection Agency.

If wood packaging arrives in Mexico without the approved treatment identity mark, the importer must have the packaging treated with one of the approved methods or can repackage the goods with approved materials. The original, non-treated material will be returned to the exporting country. The importer will be responsible for any costs incurred.

Before any of your Mexican customers get billed for services related to untreated wood packaging, verify with your shipping department, export packaging company, or freight forwarder that your packaging materials are in compliance with these regulations.

-- Stanley Pfrang

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