Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
April 2006
Business Development Trip to Mexico

Is your company benefiting from three years of double-digit export growth to Mexico? Wisconsin exports last year were up 25 percent, on top of 35 percent and 10 percent growth in 2004 and 2003 respectively. If you would like to expand your sales in Mexico, consider joining us for a Business Development Trip to Mexico City and Guadalajara, capital of Wisconsin Sister-State of Jalisco, in autumn 2006. Wisconsin's trade office in Mexico City will arrange business appointments for you with pre-qualified prospective representatives, distributors or clients. You will have the opportunity to travel with other local exporters, sharing expertise, and learning best practices. Companies in the hardware or restaurant/hotel equipment sectors can also plan to visit the Expo Ferretera or Abastur show during the Mission.

For more information about this Business Development Trip please contact Susan Dragotta, ph: (262) 691-5147, susan.dragotta@wisconsin.gov.

-- Susan Dragotta

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