Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
April 2006
Octane Labeling Reminder

Photo of octane stickers on a gas pumpRetailers are required by law (Comm 48.10(1) to have motor fuel dispensers labeled with the automotive fuel rating that expresses the octane level of the fuel in the form of a sticker displayed on each side of the dispenser. Ethanol blended gasoline may increase the octane level of the motor fuel and subsequently the retailer may indicate this higher octane level on the dispenser promoting the product as a higher grade of motor fuel.

As the price of gasoline and ethanol rise or fall, the amount of ethanol may vary and the octane level in the blended motor fuel may change as well. Retailers who neglect to change the octane sticker when moving to an ethanol blend with a lesser amount of ethanol, may be in non- compliance with Comm 48 if the sticker misrepresents the motor fuel as having a higher automotive fuel rating. Commerce inspectors performing random motor fuel inspections will be testing for octane rating and comparing the test results with the posted octane level.

-- Sheldon Schall

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