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October 2005
Grow Wisconsin 2005: Building on a Strong Foundation

When Gov. Jim Doyle took office in 2003, he made economic development his top priority, and later that year issued his Grow Wisconsin economic development plan. Grow Wisconsin identified goals and measurable outcomes so that scarce economic development funds could be wisely and effectively used.

Secretary Burke joins Governor Doyle at PDQ in Green Bay on September 26 to unveil his Grow Wisconsin 2005 plan.
Secretary Burke joins Governor Doyle at PDQ in Green Bay on September 26 to unveil his Grow Wisconsin 2005 plan.

Since then, the Governor has signed virtually every piece of legislation called for in the plan - eliminating the tax on creating jobs, streamlining regulations, investing in industry, and improving our business climate. The results have been impressive:

  • Over the last two and a half years, Wisconsin has created nearly 140,000 new jobs.
  • In 2004, the state marked its third-straight record-setting export total with sales of more than $12 billion.
  • Wisconsin's total personal income is expected to grow at an impressive 5.7 percent this year, outpacing the growth in U.S. incomes.

The Governor also kept his promise for restoring fiscally-responsible government to Wisconsin. His budget eliminated a $1.6 billion deficit without raising taxes; froze property taxes; cut taxes by $325 million over the next four years; and reduced state agency spending by $272 million in the next two years

But there is more work to be done to build a strong and sustainable economy in Wisconsin. That’s why Gov. Doyle recently released the Grow Wisconsin 2005 agenda. The agenda focuses on three major areas: fostering a competitive business climate, investing in the workforce and investing in business. The Governor remains committed to competing at the high-end, where Wisconsin can use built-in advantages such as our great educational resources, hardworking people and tradition of innovation.

The Grow Wisconsin 2005 agenda advances economic development by

  • investing in manufacturing through a new $1.5 million manufacturing competitiveness initiative;
  • proposing a sales tax exemption to inputs in the bio-manufacturing industry; supporting the quick dispersal of venture capital and angel investor tax credits to aid start-up businesses;
  • providing $30 million for business incubator development;
    unleashing $500 million to support investments in housing and economic development;
  • releasing $170 million in tax credits support for business development in distressed areas;
  • supporting legislation requiring that gasoline sold in Wisconsin contain 10 percent (%) ethanol, and that 10 percent of the state’s energy come from renewable resources.

By carrying out a coherent strategy that focuses on the high end, we have made great strides toward a solid economic recovery. If we continue to work together on the Grow Wisconsin 2005 agenda, we can fulfill Wisconsin’s promise of a vibrant economy and superb quality of life.

- Mary P. Burke, Secretary

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