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June 2005
First Quarter 2005 Trade Stats

According to data released by the Federal Government, Wisconsin firms exported $3,457,664,815 worth of products in the first three months of 2005. Wisconsin exports were up 16.67 percent compared to the first quarter of 2004. Total U.S. exports were up by 8.86 percent. Wisconsin ranks 18th among all 50 states in exports.

Wisconsin exports to China grew by 19.37 percent and that country is now the #3 destination for Wisconsin exports after Canada and Mexico. Exports to Canada grew by 11.97 percent and account for over 37 percent of the state's total exports. Mexico buys almost 9 percent of our exports and increased its purchases of Wisconsin goods by 41.97 percent. Exports to the U.K., our #4 destination were up 25.66 percent.

Industrial machinery continues to be Wisconsin's dominant export product category, accounting for nearly 37 percent of the goods shipped from Wisconsin to international markets. That category grew by 19.65 percent over the first quarter of 2004. Scientific and medical instruments, our #2 category grew by 22.56 percent and accounted for 13 percent of the state's exports. Electrical Machinery, the #3 category, grew by 42.5 percent.

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-- Stanley Pfrang

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