Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
June 2005
Bi-Annual Lender/Owner Balance Reporting

Twice a year (January and July) Commerce requests that lenders and owners report costs incurred that have not yet been submitted to PECFA for reimbursement. This is typically conducted through a web based reporting system found on the PECFA web site.

Direct links for lender and owner use can be accessed at:

Basic tips for reporting balances are as follows:

  • The balance must be for all outstanding costs incurred, including interest.
  • The balance is to be for costs incurred to the through date requested in the notification e-mail or letter you receive; either through June 30th for July reporting, or December 31st for January reporting.
  • Do not provide loan amounts, scope of work, or cap amounts as the outstanding balance; only provide actual costs incurred to the through date.
  • Both lenders and owners do not need to report for the same sites. If a lender reports the balance on behalf of the owner, the owner does not need to report, even if they receive a notification.
  • Sites that have been reported previously are listed in order by Commerce number, under the heading, 'Outstanding Balances Registered To.' Enter the outstanding balance in the blank box beside the Commerce number.
  • If you need to report a new site, click on the link or scroll to the box that reads, 'Enter New Outstanding Balance.' You will need to enter the Commerce number and outstanding balance in the boxes provided.
  • When entering new Commerce numbers, do not use dashes or other symbols.
  • When entering dollar amounts do not use a dollar sign or comma; a decimal point is acceptable, if needed.
  • If you no longer need to report an outstanding balance for a site because it has been closed or a different lender has assumed the loan, make sure to check the box to the far left that indicates, 'Delete Site From Reporting.'
  • Help screens are available with the application.

For questions or assistance please contact Renee' Dickey at rdickey@commerce.state.wi.us or (608) 264-8765.

-- Berni Mattsson

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