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June 2005
Revisions to COMM 47

Commerce staff recently completed changes to a "Usual and Customary Cost Schedule," in response to extensive comments that Commerce received during a public hearing which was held in 2004. Long-time followers of the PECFA program are aware that development of this cost schedule has been arduous and contentious - and that it is statutorily required.

In developing the changes, Commerce staff sought to establish reimbursement rates that would control costs but would not unduly deter consultants and commodity providers from performing PECFA cleanups. Development of these changes also included assembling the internal processes that will be needed to efficiently implement and administer the schedule. These processes will utilize the schedule not only as part of claim review, but more importantly, as part of a broader effort to classify all open sites, so those sites can be prioritized for inclusion in the Commerce competitive public bidding process.

Public-hearing comments were also received for other proposed revisions to Comm 47, particularly the revisions addressing public bidding - and staff have developed responses to those comments as well.

For current information on proposed changes to Comm 47 and any corresponding activity with the Comm 47 Advisory Committee, the following Web sites may be helpful:

On the Commerce home page, select "Petroleum & Tanks", then select "Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Award (PECFA)". There, under News and Legislative Updates, links are available for the Announcement of Rule Changes - which has links for the proposed revisions that were presented at the Hearing in 2004 - and for the COMM 47 Future Code Advisory Committee Meetings and Reports & Agenda.

-- Berni Mattsson

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