Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
June 2005
Recent PECFA Achievements

The PECFA Bureau has continued an excellent track record in its technical oversight and clean up of petroleum contaminated properties. PECFA's recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) review showed that Federal requirements for site closure quantities and program management were once again met and exceeded.

To keep technical review staff up to date on the most current petroleum related issues; PECFA hosted a one-day MtBE & TBA Characterization & Remediation seminar in April. Presenters from the American Petroleum Institute, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation provided instruction to PECFA site review staff. In an effort to promote a regional collaboration of ideas and resources, colleagues from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and EPA Region 5 headquarters in Chicago were also in attendance by special invitation.

The PECFA Bureau has also been improving customer service in the claim review section. After decreasing the claim backlog, reviewers are now able to be proactive about requesting claim submittals and clearing up any submittal issues without stopping the review process. These changes are getting reimbursement payments to claimants faster and saving the department money on bank loan interest costs.

-- Berni Mattsson

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