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December 2005
Annual PECFA Reporting Deadline Delayed

Due to a delay in the implementation of the revisions to the Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Code, the previous tentative deadline of January 31, 2006 for the completion of the Annual Reporting and Occurrence Classification forms has been delayed.  Completed Annual Reporting and Occurrence Classification forms are now tentatively due no later than April 30, 2006.  If you will be required but fail to complete the "occurrence classification" portion of the annual reporting before May 1, 2006, future Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Award (PECFA) funding will be denied.  Reporting can be completed online.

Questions regarding the open or closed status of sites should be directed to the project manager.  Also, please note that the dates and penalty are tentative based on the proposed code changes being implemented. Changes will be noted on the reporting website.

-- Shawn Wenzel and David Blair

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