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August 2005
Pilot Environmental Performance Programs Announced for Printing Industry

Small and large printers interested in earning incentives for environmental compliance will want to participate in two pilot programs launched in collaboration with the Department of Commerce (Commerce), Department of Natural Resources, and the Wisconsin printing industry.

"Governor Doyle's Grow Wisconsin Initiative enacted regulatory reform to streamline regulations while protecting Wisconsin's environment,"said Commerce Secretary Mary P. Burke. "I look forward to working with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) toward helping Wisconsin become the first "green"printing state."

The two pilot programs will both encourage and reward printers for reducing their environmental impact through the Environmental Results Program (ERP) and the Environmental Management System (EMS) Program. The ERP is designed to benefit small printers and the EMS Program is designed to benefit larger printers.

The ERP will develop a self-certification approach designed to improve compliance with air, water, and waste regulations. This program is modeled after a similar program in Massachusetts. For some small printers, the self-certification program could replace the need for a registration and general operating permit. For other small printers that are exempt from air permit requirements, the program would eliminate the need to submit emission reports.

The EMS will use a continuous quality improvement approach. It will allow one permit as part of an EMS to cover all releases of pollutants into the environment. An EMS permit is being designed as an equivalent to traditional operation permits.

The three-year projects are financed by a special innovation grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Industry members and the DNR are cooperating to streamline and simplify the regulations for printers; especially those associated with the air permit process. The projects also reflect the industry’s interest in developing alternative approaches to air permits that will improve compliance with environmental requirements as well as providing incentives for superior environmental performance.

For more information on the ERP or EMS, contact Renee Lesjak Bashel, Commerce, at 608/264-6153.

--Claire Smith

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