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April 2005
Powerful New Air Pollution Compliance Tool

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has developed a new and powerful tool for determining air pollution compliance requirements. Inspired by the University of Wisconsin-Extension's Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center's (SHWEC) air toxic identification tool "HAPsHelp," DNR's new listing of NR 438 (reporting) air pollutants provides additional information about regulatory requirements and reporting levels.

This website tool provides in-depth information on over 750 air pollutants. The tool can save manufacturers hours in figuring out compliance with air regulations. So what does this tool include?

  • Detailed information on air pollutant characteristics and the type of applications the pollutant is found in.
  • Use reference: A link to an Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) chemical factsheet.
  • Regulatory information: Identifies whether the pollutant is regulated under any of the following:
    • Clean Air Act Pollutant
    • NR 407 (Construction Permits)
    • NR 438 (Reporting Requirements)
    • NR 445 (WI Hazardous Air Pollutant Rule)
  • Reporting thresholds and permit inclusion levels.
  • Reference and data information: specifically identifies the type of facilities reporting the pollutant to the DNR.

To find out if this tool can help you in determining compliance with regulations, visit: dnr.wi.gov/org/aw/air/emission/nr438/pollutant_list_ns.htm.

The site also provides a link to SHWEC's HAPsHelp tool.

- Thomas Coogan

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