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April 2005
PECFA Site Tracker on the Web

In an effort to make information more accessible, Commerce has placed parts of the database that the Site Review and Claims sections use for tracking decisions, on the web.

This information can be found on the PECFA web site. A single click on the link titled "Tracker on the Web" will move you to the search page for the application. Site searches can be completed using Commerce number (no hyphens), BRRTS number (no hyphens), site address, as well as others.

Once your site or sites pop up, click on the appropriate Occurrence ID (blue link) and the information will be displayed. Here is a list of some of the codes used in Tracker:

SI = Site investigation Report - This submittal entry means that a Site Investigation Report has been submitted and, depending on approval or disapproval status, there may be additional submittals immediately following this activity.

RA = Remedial Action - This submittal entry is an approval or denial for a number of sub-codes; .338, .337, .335, etc.
These are Comm 47 sub-codes that are being applied to the remedial action plan.

CLS = Closure

This submittal entry can be entered multiple times. Where only one entry appears, and is approved, the case is likely conditionally closed and Commerce is waiting for the documentation required prior to issuing a final closure letter. If the site was closed in the early to late 90's, likely it is a soil only site and only one closure entry may be present.

Be aware that the information in Tracker is from the current PECFA database. Some of this data, including but not limited to, eligibility, tank type, and maximum reimbursement amount, is subject to change based on new information that is received.

- Berni Mattsson

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