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April 2005
PECFA Reporting to Begin May 1, 2005

Reporting for PECFA sites is to begin May 1, 2005, and continue a minimum of 30 days past the effective date of the revised Administrative Rule, Comm 47. The deadline for reporting will be posted on the PECFA web site when it has been confirmed.

This year, two forms are to be completed: an Annual Reporting form, and an Occurrence Classification form. These forms can be completed on the web through a link labeled "Annual Site Reporting Page", which will be available on the PECFA web site starting May 1, 2005.

After selecting the reporting link on the PECFA home page, you will be prompted to enter the Commerce number for the site for which you are reporting; you will then be guided through the process of completing and submitting the required information for each occurrence. To prevent errors, please read each page (form) in its entirety before answering the questions. Examples will be available on the reporting web site to allow you to prepare answers.

The Annual Reporting form includes questions similar to those included in previous questionnaires and is required for all open sites. The Occurrence Classification form is to be completed for only those sites that have not been included in the competitive public bidding process or home heating oil tanks.

If you do not have to complete the Occurrence Classification form, the program will not permit you to proceed into the Occurrence Classification page and it will prompt you to submit the Annual Reporting form once it is completed.

If your occurrence requires you to complete the Occurrence Classification form, the program will transition into this page and will not allow you to submit any information until the Occurrence Classification form is completed.

All registered PECFA consultants will receive a reminder letter, prior to May 1, 2005, providing additional details. This year there will be no personal identification numbers required and either consultants or claimants may complete the questionnaires. However, an occurrence may only be reported once. Commerce strongly encourages you to complete your reporting requirements soon after the web site becomes available May 1, 2005. Note that the revised Comm 47 rule states that the Occurrence Classification form must be completed within 30 days of the effective date of the rule or no additional PECFA funds will be reimbursed.

Questions regarding reporting should be directed to Shawn Wenzel, 608-261-5401, or siteclassification@commerce.state.wi.us.

- Berni Mattsson

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