Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
April 2005
File Those PECFA Claims
On February 24, 2004, the Wisconsin Department of Commerce (Commerce) sent letters to site owners indicating they had met a PECFA claim submittal milestone, and asked them to file a claim. Subsequent to that letter, Commerce followed up with a phone call, to remind owners to file their claims by July 1, 2004 or interest costs could be denied.

Due to the lack of response to the request, a second letter was sent August 27, 2004, notifying owners they had until January 3, 2005 to submit a claim or interest would be denied beginning January 4, 2005. A total of 107 letters were sent, followed by phone calls to owners and their consultants.

To date, 14% of these claims have not been submitted, and 3% of claims were received after January 3, 2005. Interest will be denied beginning January 4, 2005 until the date the claim is received by Commerce. For example, if a claim was received on January 10, 2005, it will result in the denial of six days of interest from January 4, 2005 through January 9, 2005. Any outstanding claims should be filed as soon as possible to avoid further interest denial.

- Berni Mattsson

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