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September 2004
Underground Storage Tank SOC Measures
The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has implemented Significant Operational Compliance (SOC) reporting measures as a method to monitor and assess individual state underground storage tank regulatory progress in concert with the federal rule 40 CFR 280. States must report the SOC statistics every six months. The SOC measures include 14 elements of release prevention and 16 elements of leak detection, verified during on-site inspections.

Since the SOC measures are the result of significant manual and computer generated data collection to fulfill the EPA requirement, a state's ability to implement will vary with individual state resources. Wisconsin is one of seven states that were able to implement and provide the SOC measures within the first twelve-month's data collection period. Of the seven states reporting, Wisconsin had the highest SOC level in most categories.

At the end of the state fiscal year, June 30, 2004, 84 percent of the 4,301 facilities inspect were compliant with the release prevention SOC measures, 81percent compliant with the leak detection SOC measures, and 73 percent compliant with both measures.

--Sheldon Schall, Storage Tank Regulation Section

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