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May 2004
PECFA Sets Deadline For Outstanding Site Cleanup Claims

Property owners will have until July 1, 2004 to submit claims for reimbursement for petroleum cleanup on their respective sites. The Claim Review Section of the Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Administration (PECFA) program recently identified over 300 sites where the bank or site owners have reported that more than $50,00 of costs associated with the petroleum cleanup that have not been submitted for reimbursement. The owners of these sites were sent a letter on February 26 asking them to file a claim for their portion of the over $15,000,000.

Claim Review Staff have followed up the letters with phone calls to the property owners, to verify that they received the letters, and to inform them that a claim should be filed by July 1, 2004. If a claim is not received by July 1, 2004, a final notice will be sent to the owner specifying a date at which interest will no longer be eligible.

-- Berni Mattson

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