Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
May 2004
Safe Grilling

Now that the weather has warmed up everyone is busy outdoors. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the air carries the pungent aroma of hamburgers and brats on the grill…or is that something burning? Make this a safe summer. Gas and charcoal grills don't belong on the wooden decks and patios of multi-family (apartment and condominium) housing. Flare-ups from grease spilling on hot coals can easily ignite wooden railings, floorboards and siding, in fact it can melt and ignite vinyl siding too.

Grills and grilling equipment may also block you from safely exiting the building in case of fires, and Wisconsin's Fire Prevention Code prohibits barbecue grills on decks and patios of multi-family housing. Please don't wait for the fire inspector to drop in and tell you that you have a code violation - Be Safe!

-- Cathy Cliff

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