Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
March 2004
Permit-to-Operate Application Notices for Underground Storage Tanks Owners
Federally-regulated underground storage tanks are required to have permits to operate. Wisconsin tank owners will be receiving permit applications annually for each underground tank.  Permits must be renewed annually. The Wisconsin Department of Commerce is beginning enforcement of this requirement.

The permit process in Wisconsin was revised and implementation is beginning. For two years, Wisconsin has been working with owners to clarify the new underground storage tank permit process and help get tanks into compliance. Recently, we began increasing our measures to gain compliance through written orders. Where necessary, these orders can result in closing access to tanks until compliance is reached. Failure to complete the permit application process in a timely manner could have a negative impact on your business.

All tank owners receive permit applications at the same time each year for all of their tanks. Application letters are sent out 90 days before the current permit is due to expire. If an owner has businesses in multiple cities or counties, all of the tank permit applications will arrive in one package. These applications have been pre-completed with information from the data on file in Commerce.

Here is what tank owners should do upon receiving the underground storage tank permit application:

  1. Review all the information carefully to be sure it is accurate for each tank;
  2. Complete any missing information and correct any inaccurate or changed information;
  3. Attach copies of the appropriate leak detection monitoring documentation – your permit application will explain what is needed based on the method of leak detection for each tank;
  4. Complete and sign the Ownership Verification box on the back of the letter;
  5. Attach copies of the appropriate proof of financial responsibility (an explanation of what is required is printed on the back of the application letter);
  6. Complete the Certification of Financial Responsibility (Owner’s Testament of Compliance) found at http://commerce.wi.gov/ER/ER-BST-Fr-FinancialResp.html;
  7. Make copies of all information for your files;
  8. Send the completed applications and attachments to the Commerce Underground Storage Tank Permit Program within 30 days of receipt.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Permit Staff listed below:


Phone Number


Karine Aslakson (financial responsibility)

(608) 267-1384


Vanessa Mouth

(608) 267-5280


Gwendolyn Person

(608) 267-1382


Theresa Quamme

(608) 267-3183


Israel Zurfluh

(608) 267-2051


--Cathy Cliff

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