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January 2004
WI Service Stations are in "Significant Operational Compliance"
The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has implemented statistical Significant Operational Compliance (SOC) measures that states must begin to report reflecting the respective compliance with the underground storage tank rules that were implemented by congress in 1988. Wisconsin is one of the first states to comply with this reporting requirement.

The Environmental and Regulatory Services Division of the Department of Commerce has developed an inspection reporting application via the Internet that allows inspectors to review department database information and input tank data and tank system inspection results for both regulatory enforcement and tank system data tracking.

July through December 2003 inspection data reflect the following SOC statistics from 3,947 facility inspections:

  • In compliance with all SOC release prevention measures: 79.1%
  • In compliance with all SOC release detection measures: 69.7%
  • In compliance with both: 58.3%
  • Government facilities in SOC: 97.6%
  • Non government facilities in SOC: 59.8%

    Agricultural: 100%
    Mercantile / commercial: 87.9%
    Industrial: 90%
    Bulk Storage: 66.7%
    Retail fuel sales: 55.3%
    Other: 71.4%

For more information on the Environmental and Regulatory Services Division and its programs, contact Berni Mattsson at (608) 266-9403.

--Berni Mattsson

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