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January 2004
Bureau of Housing Plans Expansion of Wisconsin ServicePoint
Wisconsin ServicePoint (WISP) is a Web-based database software program implemented in Wisconsin by the Commerce Bureau of Housing (BOH) to help assess the scope of homelessness and to identify services available for homeless persons. WISP is presently being used by more than 100 nonprofit service organizations all around Wisconsin to collect demographic information, the reasons for homelessness, the needs of homeless individuals and families, and the level and outcome of services provided.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established a goal that every Continuum of Care (COC) jurisdiction should collect client-level data on homeless persons by October 2004. WISP is being implemented statewide so that all COCs in Wisconsin will be in compliance with this HUD goal. The BOH plans to increase the number of participating agencies using WISP from the current 100 agencies to 150 agencies in 2004.

For more information contact, Don Hammes at (608) 264-8503.

--Don Hammes

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