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January 2004
Wisconsin State Fire Code 
Now Available as an Enrolled Version
Ch. Comm 14 of the Wis. Adm. Code is the official fire code for the state of Wisconsin. For the first time the fire code and the building code have used a method which adopts large portions of national model codes as a major part of the Wis. Adm. Code. To facilitate this change, Commerce has "enrolled" or combined Ch. Comm 14 and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1, as adopted by Ch. Comm 14, together in one book. The enrolled code includes selected sections of Comm codes similar to the NFPA 1 requirements that were not adopted, such as portions of Ch. Comm 10, related sections of the Wisconsin Commercial Building Code (Ch. Comm 61-65), etc.

Why is This Important to You?

It is vital that fire chiefs and inspectors in Wisconsin know where to access fire safety rules in the Wis. Adm. Code. Many in the fire service said it was desirable to have the codes combined (or "enrolled") into one book as a tool for easy reference. In an effort to meet this demand, NFPA and Commerce have produced the Wisconsin Enrolled Fire Prevention Code.

Whatís Missing From This Book?

Some sections of the Wisconsin Commercial Building Code are not included in this book because they are adopted from International Code Council (ICC) national models. ICC Codes, like NFPA Codes, are copyrighted and could not be printed in this edition. Any municipality that has a special order to adopt an alternate Fire Code under s. Comm 14.004 (b) will not find the alternate International Fire Code (IFC) printed in this booklet. IFC is part of the ICC Suite of codes and under the same copyright.

How do I Get Copies For Each of Our Fire Departmentís Inspection Staff?

One copy of this publication was given or sent to each fire chief eligible to participate in the 2% Fire Dues Fund Program in Wisconsin. The publication and distribution costs were paid for by the fund. Many of these copies were obtained at the Wisconsin Fire Inspectors Association fall training conference in October. Remaining copies were sent out October 28th. If you did not receive your fire departmentís copy, please contact us at (608) 266-5824.

If you would like additional copies of this publication, contact NFPA at (888) 264-2665 or www.bnibooks.com (Click on Building Codes and look for Wisconsin Enrolled Fire Prevention Code). The cost is $59.95 for each copy.

For more information, contact Cathy Cliff (608) 267-9360 or ccliff@commerce.state.wi.us.

--Cathy Cliff

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