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December 2004
Internet Storage Tank Database

Buying property or interested in the database information about tanks that you own? The Commerce Internet Storage Tank Database offers information on over 178,000 underground tanks. This number represents tanks that are recorded as in-use, closed, abandon, etc. The Internet URL address for tank search instructions is: http://commerce.wi.gov/ER/ER-EN-tanks-info.html. This page includes instruction and tips on performing a search for property and tank information.

Image of Tank Database web interfaceA link titled "Search by Site, Owner or Tank Characteristics" takes you to a search page that has several search options depending upon what you are looking for.
The graphic to the right reflects a general address search with minimum information entered: County, Municipality, name of street for Site Address, and UST for the Tank Type. The search will list all underground storage tanks (UST) in the database associated with Ann Street. The list will provide access to information relating to each tank on the list.

The individual who registered the tank furnishes data related to residential tanks. The individual who registered the tank initially furnishes the data related to commercial tanks, but some of the data may have been verified or updated through regulatory inspections. The Internet tank database is a convenient resource, but the department does not guarantee that the information is always accurate or up-to-date.

--Berni Mattsson

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