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September 2003
PECFA Reimbursement Payments to be Processed Within Three Months
The Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Award (PECFA) Program reimburses owners of petroleum storage tank systems the major portion of the cost of cleaning up petroleum contamination to the soil and groundwater. A three-cent-per-gallon Petroleum Inspection Fee funds the program.

The 2003-05 budget bill provides $94 million of revenue bonding authority for the PECFA Program to meet projected claims over the biennium. Due to current funding shortfalls, PECFA reimbursement payments are currently being scheduled for six to seven months from the date the claim is received. With the additional funding from the revenue bonds, payments will be made in less than three months from the date they are received.

For more PECFA claims information, contact 608/261-7726 or http://www.commerce.state.wi.us/COM/Com-Petroleum.html.

--Dennis Legler

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