Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
September 2003
Commerce Management Team Introduced

In January of this year, Gov. Doyle appointed me as Secretary of the Department of Commerce (Commerce). Prior to my appointment, I was for seven years an attorney at the law firm Quarles & Brady LLP, handling all aspects of litigation through trial and appeal in state and federal court. In my practice, I worked with state and national businesses on a broad array of issues, from real estate to environmental to labor and employment.

I have served on the boards of numerous organizations, such as the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Urban League, and the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. To contact me, call 608-266-7088 or email: coakey@commerce.state.wi.us.

I want to introduce my management team.

David Storey is deputy secretary. He offers strong, diverse management experience. Storey served as Commerce Deputy Secretary from January-December 2002. From 1999-2002, he was executive director of the Wisconsin Lottery. Prior to that, he spent nearly 20 years as the executive director of statewide and multi-state trade associations.

Aaron Olver is executive assistant. Olver served as policy director for Gov. Jim Doyle’s Transition Team. He was also self-employed as a strategy consultant, advising a family of companies on management and business strategy. For three years, he was a strategy consultant for McKinsey and Company, Chicago, IL. To contact Dave Storey or Aaron Olver, call 608/266-8976 or email lesser@commerce.state.wi.us.

Berni Mattsson, P. E., is the administrator of the Division of Environmental and Regulatory Services. She has nearly 20 years of management and regulatory-code-development experience in this agency and its predecessors. For the past year, Mattsson has served as director of the division’s Bureau of Petroleum Products and Tanks, managing its technical functions and providing assistance to fire departments. To contact Berni Mattsson, call 608/266-3723, or email clochner@commerce.state.wi.us.

Jim O’Keefe serves as administrator of the Division of Community Development. From 1990-2003, O’Keefe served as assistant to the Mayor of Madison, responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance the city’s financial condition and improve its delivery of public services. For the previous seven years, he was legislative liaison for the Division of Health in the state Department of Health and Social Services, working with the legislature on a wide range of health care initiatives. To contact Jim O’Keefe, call 608/264-7837.

Mary Regel is the acting administrator of the Division of International and Exports Services. She has led Commerce's international trade efforts as administrator or bureau director since 1992. Regel joined Commerce in 1987 as an international trade consultant for the Western Hemisphere after holding several international marketing positions at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. To contact Mary Regel, call 608/267-9227 or email jhatleberg@commerce.state.wi.us.

Jon Reneau serves as administrator of Division of Administrative Services. He has served as the Human Resources Manager for the Department of Revenue since 2000. He also has more than 20 years of management and policy development experience in human resources at several state agencies and within the UW System. To contact Jon Reneau, call 608/266-1186, or email lham@commerce.state.wi.us.

Kimberly Walker is administrator of the Division of Safety and Buildings. She has been an attorney at Ratzel & Associates, Milwaukee, for the past four years. Her duties included managing, litigating and settling cases. Prior to that, she was a law clerk at Johnson Controls, Inc., Milwaukee. To contact Kimberly Walker, call 608/266-3594, or email mtbeckwith@commerce.state.wi.us.

Jamie Wall is administrator of the Commerce Division of Economic Development. From 2000-2002, Wall was Director of Business Development and Manager of Product Marketing for Stratify, Inc., Mountain View, CA, a start-up enterprise software company. For the previous three years, he served as Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Co., New York, NY, specializing in media and finance industries. To contact Jamie Wall, call 608/266-9467 or email pbraatz@commerce.state.wi.us.

All of these individuals are sure to play vital roles as members of my management team as we work together in fulfilling our mission to foster economic development and promote public health and safety.

--Secretary Cory L. Nettles

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