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September 2003
International Trade Support Services Again Available in Europe
Kara Smith of Taskforce Europe Services BV is the Department of Commerce's new trade director in Europe. Taskforce Europe is headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, and has affiliate offices through its partner company in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. The firm is part of the York Group, an international business development firm with 27 offices in 20 countries around the world.

The senior staff of our new office have an average of 15 years experience in direct commercial sales and export consulting. Many of Taskforce Europe's clients have been small companies that are export-ready, but with little international experience. Some of its larger, more well known clients include Airbus Industries, Compaq, Honeywell International, Lucent Technologies, Mapquest, and Sonic Foundry.

The office in the Hague, Europe, replaces an office that the department maintained in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The re-establishment of a European office brings the number of contractors in Wisconsin's Overseas Network to four. Other locations include Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. An office in China is in the planning stages with an anticipated start date in October. The Department of Commerce establishes a presence in key foreign markets to help the state's business community increase export sales. Our offices provide a variety of services to help a firm evaluate a foreign market and identify and evaluate potential distributors or direct sales opportunities.

The European market is being re-examined by many Wisconsin businesses. The economies of Western Europe have seen very limited growth over the last few years. But the sharp fall in the U.S. dollar vis-a-vis the Euro means that our products have become much less expensive in the Eurozone, while European products are becoming more expensive in this country.

Firms interested in using the services of the Department of Commerce's newest trade office to expand their export business in Europe, or our other offices for other parts of the world, should first speak with one of the department's Outreach Consultants here in Wisconsin. Contact information for the Outreach Consultant in your part of the state is available at: http://www.commerce.state.wi.us/IE/IE-ContactingOutreachConsultants.html.

--Stanley Pfrang

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