Wisconsin Department of Commerce Newsletter
November 2003
New Smoke Alarm Brochure Available

A new smoke alarm brochure, developed especially for providing information to one- and two-family dwelling residents, will be available from the Commerce Fire Prevention Program November 1st. This brochure is the first of two planned brochures on smoke alarms. The second will be aimed at multi-family dwellings and may be more technical in nature.

Most home fires occur between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. WorkingPhoto: House on fire smoke alarms detect fire in its early stages and provide families with the time necessary to reach safety. Deaths from home fires are more frequently due to smoke inhalation and toxic fumes than to burns. Early warnings save lives.

Fire departments can use the brochure in their public education efforts with one and two-family audiences. There is room at the bottom of the back panel for information about the local fire department.

If the local fire department will need large quantities of this brochure, Commerce can provide a camera-ready copy in black and white so the fire department can print the required amount.

For more information about how to obtain copies of this new brochure, email Luann Robb at lrobb@commerce.state.wi.us, fax (608) 261-7725, or phone (608) 266-5824.

--Cathy Cliff

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