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November 2003
Online Business Wizard Offers Fast, Accurate Information in one Convenient Location

One of Gov. Doyle’s top priorities is to reform state government so that it is more innovative, customer-friendly and goal-driven. We often hear from businesses about the difficulties they experience in learning about and complying with applicable regulations. Until recently, businesses seeking information on regulatory requirements and financial and technical assistance programs had to search phonebooks, Web sites and several different agencies to find out what they needed. The online Business Wizard changes that. It is an example of state government agencies working together to help businesses get fast, accurate information at one stop.

From a button on the www.Wisconsin.gov home page, the Business Wizard lets the user describe his or her business, its features and requirements. If the user is uncertain about an issue such as the type of business incorporation, the Wizard directs him or her to an explanatory link. Once the user has completed the five data entry steps, the Wizard instantly develops a comprehensive, carefully-tailored summary of business requirements. The summary provides all the information the user needs as well as online access to forms or other documents. The Wizard covers over 750 state licenses and over 500 business types. The Wizard also links to the new Department of Resources Permit Primer which offers an online tutorial that allows business owners to walk through the first steps of a virtual permitting process.

The Department of Commerce took the lead on developing this fast, effective tool for any business needing state regulatory and resource information. However, full credit goes to all 18 departments that worked together in unprecedented cooperation to implement this resource. Since its launch in February 2003, the Wizard has received many positive responses from its users. Comments received from the public are what help us identify what additional improvements and enhancements need to be implemented in order to provide greater satisfaction for our users.

The Business Wizard is free and open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We ask your assistance in sharing this online resource with your customers. It can be accessed at: http://www.wisconsin.gov/state/app/wizard/LoadIntro.

--Carol Dunn

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